The Big Switch

Sure, a burger and fries are tasty, but would I eat ONLY that my entire life? Hell no! But somehow the big pet food companies have convinced the masses that dry kibble is the best thing that could happen to our pets.

Commercial dog food is fast food. How can it be good for our dogs? Dogs, humans or any animals do best on a natural diet.

Feeding your dog fresh and natural food is definitely not as easy as filling his bowl with kibble. But, please, do think of all those hours and money spent on vet visits and treatments that don’t solve the issues. Isn’t it worth that extra effort to have an improved quality of life for your pet?

The pet food manufacturers and some vets contend that home cooked food is not scientifically formulated to animal’s needs. But what would you pick – a bowl of kibble or a bowl of chicken and veggies?


Yes, junk food leftover into a pet’s bowl is not healthy, but with the benefit of modern dietary analysis and research it is easy to prepare a balanced dog meal. All it requires is a little knowledge and desire to give your dog a long, healthy and happy life.

DIY animal feeding has been around for generations ever since dogs and humans crossed paths hundreds of years ago. The animals were just fine living on leftovers of our ancestors. The issue with our food today is that it is loaded with sugar, fat and chemicals, which is bad for our dogs and even us. Our dogs are not as finely tuned as the wild animals where they can select foods good for them. With so many years of domestication, pets can easily develop a taste to junk food just like humans. So the key is to choose the right ingredients and prepare our dog’s meal with all the information we have.

Here are some commercial dog food facts that might convince you to make that switch from commercial food to natural whole food for your dog:

DID YOU KNOW that the inedible parts of animals, that is unfit for human consumption, such as hair, hooves, bones and blood from the slaughterhouse arrive to the rendering kibble plants? The same is true for corn, peanuts, etc., where the husks and shells are used to make kibble. You can do an Internet search – “undercover research of rendering plants” to know what goes into making kibble.

DID YOU KNOW that “4D meat” – dead, dying, disabled and diseased animals unfit for human consumption, goes into the rendering plant to make kibble.

DID YOU KNOW that the manufacturer can list “chicken meal,” “lamb meal,” etc., as an ingredient which can include indigestible by-products such as bone, blood, hoof and hair.

DID YOU KNOW if there is a phrase “with chicken” or “with lamb”, the named ingredient has to make up only 3% of the total weight.

DID YOU KNOW if the name includes flavor or flavored, there is no specific percentage of an ingredient needed. The flavoring can be artificial!

DID YOU KNOW the biggest multinational corporations own dog food brands.  In many cases the pet food is produced from the ingredients they would otherwise throw away in the production of human food.

Millions of people are switching their pets from commercial food to natural, real food and seeing great results. Please cook or if you don’t have the time we would be happy to help.

Our dogs deserve the best!