Here are some frequently asked questions for us

1. Why Doggybox?

We are dog lovers and pet parents who care for the health of your pooch. We have researched and developed well-balanced whole food recipes for your dog to live a fit, happy and long life.

2. What do you mean when you say ‘whole’ food?

Handmade, fresh, nutrient-rich food prepared with ingredients suitable for human consumption. We use no fillers, preservatives, artificial coloring or artificial flavors.

3. How does the delivery work?

Doggyboxers receive freshly prepared food delivered on a weekly basis. We time deliveries to make sure your dog never runs out of food.

4. How does the pricing work?

We charge on a weekly basis. Pricing varies based on size, activity level and special needs of your pooch.

5. Can I switch to Doggybox immediately?

Yes, we will send you detailed instructions with your first delivery for a gentle transition.

6. What is the transition like for my dog?

Most dogs transit well. Dogs with sensitive stomach might experience slight discomfort like loose stool temporarily, which should not worry you.

7. Can I feed my puppy this food?

Yes, Our meals are suitable for healthy dogs of all age, breeds and sizes. We also offer custom meals for puppies and dogs that may have sensitivity to the ingredients we use.

8. Can I feed my other pets this food?

No. Doggybox is only for dogs.

9. How do you know how much food my dog needs?

We start by asking a few questions about your pooch, after which we use a formula to determine how many calories your dog needs. We monitor your dog’s progress and adjust serving packs accordingly. However, if you feel the serving size is too small or too much please let us know so that we can adjust the packs.

10. How do I store Doggybox?

The best way is to get into a cycle – freeze, refrigerate and serve. Thawing in the refrigerator or in warm water is best.

11. Once thawed, how long will it last in the fridge?

Fish meal lasts 3 days and chicken meal 5-6 days.

12. How to heat the food?

We recommend you heat the food by placing the sealed bag of thawed food in a bowl of hot water or place it in the microwave for a short time on a low setting.

Please do not cook the food further as it will lose its well-preserved nutritional value.

13. What if Doggybox sits at room temperature for an hour after thawing out?

An hour or two is not a problem. Just as with our food, if the food stays out for more than a few hours or overnight, it should be disposed.

14. Why do you add grains in your food?

It is a common misconception that grains are not good for dogs. Only raw grains and grain by-products are not good for dogs as they cannot be broken down and digested. We use fully cooked whole grains that make it highly digestible and are rich in nutrients such as fiber, iron, vitamin b, zinc, etc. We also offer grain free and gluten free diets for dogs that may have sensitivity to these ingredients.

15. Can dogs live without meat in their diet?

Dogs are not true carnivores; they can actually live without meat in their diet although we believe a diet containing meat is important. We do offer a vegetarian meal plan for dogs.

16. Do you have a discount for more than one dog?

Yes, We offer every additional family pooch a 20% discount on their weekly meals.